About Mobile Haus

Mobile Haus is dedicated to injecting the objects of our daily life with art and bringing digital memories into tangible reality. We are made up of a talented team of designers, artists and engineers, a medley of technical gurus and gifted creatives, who each understand the how value art and technical knowhow can enhance the world around us.

Our team

Our team of designers, engineers and printers are constantly finding creative solutions to create lasting, tangible object from our memories and ideas.

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• Japan, Kagoshima
3811-23, Okubo, Takaono-sho, Izumi, Kagoshima

• Japan, Nagoya
264, Masuda, Hiruma-cho Tsushima, Aichi

• USA, California


• Korea, Seoul[Insight Hub]
4F, 29-2, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu

• Korea, Gyeonggi-do[R&D Hub]
985, Jingwan-ri, Jingeon-eup, Namyangju-si

Our Tools

Division Brand Quantity Capacity Date of Purchase
UV Print  DMPS 2 Set 3,000ea/day 2015.04
Direct Print DMPS 1 Set 100ea/day 2015.04
 Thermal Transfer Heat Press 2 Set 200ea/day 2016.04
 Screen Print
 Laser Toner Print OKI 1 Set 200ea/day 2016.07
Solvent Roll Print Roland 1 Set 200ea/day 2015.04
Latex Roll Print HP 1 Set 200ea/day 2016.04
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